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The Hidden Guardian's Journal
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Friday, July 14th, 2006
10:36 am
So, I've been able to get other projects finished and out of the way. I am now able to start making time for HG again. Starting has been slow but the time out has been worth it so that much more passion and interest can be put into HG's creation.
I've started dipping into doing the character art again and will soon have more character sheets to show off. Things will start to pick up alot faster after much of the concepts have been done by myself (and the other artists that are currently being considered).

For now I have done some refining ond the first character sheet of Nikoli and am currently working on the character sheets for his two other forms.

Lastly, is anyone here a pixel artist, or know of any pixel artists that are also capable of animating pixel art? We are hunting for such a talented individual! :)
Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
8:22 pm
Still moving :)
Just a note to let you know were still alive and kicking! The project is moving at a snail's pace though and we're currently looking for people who have time to contribute to the project. We hope things will start picking up by September, when we will both have alot more time to put into it.
Monday, December 26th, 2005
3:20 am
Hope you have all had lovely holidays, whatever you may or may not celebrate.

Just a quick note to let you all know things are still alive and kicking. A nice December to new nears break has been taken and work will resume after the new year :)

I would soon like to better organize who will actually be doing (and have time for) any work for us.

Till then, be well.
Friday, November 18th, 2005
11:23 pm
The road ahead..
I will repeat part of what I said to blackgold on the DA forums..

what do I want to achieve?

I've realized from the beginning this will be a very big project and involve quite a bit of work, especially with the amount of characters and plot involved. It's almost scary at times, as I can never say I have willingly volunteered to be at the head of anything before. Game creation, despite all my research and love of games, is not something I've ever done before. I am walking into it all rather blindly. I hope over time me and the people involved will be able to take the pieces and make this chaotic thing into a wonderful game that people will really enjoy. Hopefully it will have something unique to stand out. Not only that, but I want it to be something to help me and those involved, to grow and learn and face new things, challenge their creativity.

I just feel that needs to be said to all involved :)

Thank you to everyone who has joined the community. Hopefully has time moves on we will have more working as a part of it.

Thank you :)
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
4:04 pm
Just a silly thought... there should be a small continent in the game thats been taken over by a fascist group called the Ratzi's and they are generally causing havoc, rounding up all the Mew's and exterminating them.

Ratzi's should of course be giant rats dressed in the height of german army uniform and the mews of course should be cute lil kitten and cats.

When our group of hero's (or otherwise) gets to this continent they are met by a group of cute lil Mew's who explain the situation and beg for your help etc etc....

We then find out that there is an evil Ratzi leader who happens to be a big bad bulldog (side parted hair and moustache optional) so this is obviously just a dog who hates cats situation.

With our groups help, the rats along with the mews turn against the bulldog and chase him away.

Silly idea but it could be interesting...
3:44 am
I must apologize, before I seemed to have member posting off. It's on now so hopefully any ideas can now be posted. :)

Thank you!
1:20 am
Engine progress, battle concepts, environment concepts.
So progress is currently a little slow, and I am still struggling to find an environment artist. I have found some artists who's style may go well with the project and will soon be writing to them to see if they would be willing to paint the in-game environments.
I'm looking for something stylish and not particularly realistic, very fantasy, very beautiful sometimes haunting and dark, sometimes surreal. Something vibrant and full of character :)
I want to bring something to screen as visually unique as possible. I've personally been working on ideas for the areas and continents of Shi'Imora and it's two moons, Lathuin and Lunara. Ideas & concepts have been recorded and the world map draft is being drawn up. This includes maps and areas to explore on both of the moons.

More concepts of Nikoli in his two other forms is also being worked on.

Paul has gotten plenty done with the engine. More research is being done to make sure we're capable of doing what we want with the world/map engine. I've already seen some of the work he has done with it and it is going well towards what we want :)
Hopefully I can convince him to post with a bit more info on that.

Finally, I have been working on what battle will be like and am curious to hear any opinions on what battle should be like. Right now it is not going to be arena or turn-based. Simple but a bit different than just going in and slashing.

Do you think there is anything the battles, use of weapons, magic or armor etc., should include?

You are welcome to write me an email about it, email me at hiddenguardian @ ultravioletnet . com (no spaces) and let me know.
Friday, November 11th, 2005
6:23 pm
We have made the conscious decision to make the game 2D.

Well right now, the plan is to have it in a format-style similar to Legend of Mana (The only decent visual example I could find that shows what we are aiming for), with high quality sprites moving over what essentially will be hand drawn landscapes and images. It will have its own visual feel and style, rich environments, moods and lighting. Any cut scenes will likely involve animations. We would like it to be more based on the old-school games and the things that made them great rather than 3D stuff. We want the game to be beautiful and slick but not about how great its effects are. We are intentionally staying away from 3D so that it all has a very personal feeling to it in that people will be able to see that every sprite and environment was lovingly drawn and brought to life :)

Lots of creative love will be poured into the project, it's not about money or making another commercial game. There are far too many of those out there. This is about a large variety of intertwined stories and characters in a vast living world.

Current Mood: contemplative
1:08 am
To start off..
I will post the things I basically stated on my journal.

This community is for the development of The Hidden Gaurdian (a working title), which will be a PC based RPG.

A wide variety of characters, different stories and gameplay that will have a great amount of plot possibilities.

This community is for people who are:

1. Just interested about the game and where its going.
2. Interested in the art work, characters and concepts that will be released.
3. Curious about how battle systems or gameplay will work.
4. Wanting to contribute their talents, work or even ideas to the project.

Please feel free to spread the group on to any artists, writers, creatives, or rpg fans that may have an interest.
We encourage anyone to join, the more ideas being thrown in the better. Anything used withing the game, credits will be given (of course).

It would be nice to bring in another artist or two. Particularly an artist who is good with animation and an artist that is good with environments and lighting.

It may also be good to have someone who can help the programmer out with ideas on working things with the game engine.

We'dreally like to bring on a writer to bring a mixture of our ideas and their own to life with powerful text.

Also, We may need someone to design a nice clean but creative website for the page.

We may need help and collaborations and contributors for music.

And of course any of these people, or anyone else at all, may contribute with concepts and ideas.

Right now this will be on a volunteer. At the moment We're not planning to make money with it and can't currently offer any pay. Though there is a chance that we may offer it to be downloaded for a small fee. If that is the case, then when it does make money we will share the profits.However, we want you to know that this project isn't about money, but rather it is out of love for the world and characters that have developed our my heads over time as well as for gaming and wonderous worlds and story-telling rpgs provide.
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