Cassandra Gunn (ultraviolet) wrote in hiddenguardian,
Cassandra Gunn

The road ahead..

I will repeat part of what I said to blackgold on the DA forums..

what do I want to achieve?

I've realized from the beginning this will be a very big project and involve quite a bit of work, especially with the amount of characters and plot involved. It's almost scary at times, as I can never say I have willingly volunteered to be at the head of anything before. Game creation, despite all my research and love of games, is not something I've ever done before. I am walking into it all rather blindly. I hope over time me and the people involved will be able to take the pieces and make this chaotic thing into a wonderful game that people will really enjoy. Hopefully it will have something unique to stand out. Not only that, but I want it to be something to help me and those involved, to grow and learn and face new things, challenge their creativity.

I just feel that needs to be said to all involved :)

Thank you to everyone who has joined the community. Hopefully has time moves on we will have more working as a part of it.

Thank you :)
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