Cassandra Gunn (ultraviolet) wrote in hiddenguardian,
Cassandra Gunn

To start off..

I will post the things I basically stated on my journal.

This community is for the development of The Hidden Gaurdian (a working title), which will be a PC based RPG.

A wide variety of characters, different stories and gameplay that will have a great amount of plot possibilities.

This community is for people who are:

1. Just interested about the game and where its going.
2. Interested in the art work, characters and concepts that will be released.
3. Curious about how battle systems or gameplay will work.
4. Wanting to contribute their talents, work or even ideas to the project.

Please feel free to spread the group on to any artists, writers, creatives, or rpg fans that may have an interest.
We encourage anyone to join, the more ideas being thrown in the better. Anything used withing the game, credits will be given (of course).

It would be nice to bring in another artist or two. Particularly an artist who is good with animation and an artist that is good with environments and lighting.

It may also be good to have someone who can help the programmer out with ideas on working things with the game engine.

We'dreally like to bring on a writer to bring a mixture of our ideas and their own to life with powerful text.

Also, We may need someone to design a nice clean but creative website for the page.

We may need help and collaborations and contributors for music.

And of course any of these people, or anyone else at all, may contribute with concepts and ideas.

Right now this will be on a volunteer. At the moment We're not planning to make money with it and can't currently offer any pay. Though there is a chance that we may offer it to be downloaded for a small fee. If that is the case, then when it does make money we will share the profits.However, we want you to know that this project isn't about money, but rather it is out of love for the world and characters that have developed our my heads over time as well as for gaming and wonderous worlds and story-telling rpgs provide.
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