Cassandra Gunn (ultraviolet) wrote in hiddenguardian,
Cassandra Gunn

Engine progress, battle concepts, environment concepts.

So progress is currently a little slow, and I am still struggling to find an environment artist. I have found some artists who's style may go well with the project and will soon be writing to them to see if they would be willing to paint the in-game environments.
I'm looking for something stylish and not particularly realistic, very fantasy, very beautiful sometimes haunting and dark, sometimes surreal. Something vibrant and full of character :)
I want to bring something to screen as visually unique as possible. I've personally been working on ideas for the areas and continents of Shi'Imora and it's two moons, Lathuin and Lunara. Ideas & concepts have been recorded and the world map draft is being drawn up. This includes maps and areas to explore on both of the moons.

More concepts of Nikoli in his two other forms is also being worked on.

Paul has gotten plenty done with the engine. More research is being done to make sure we're capable of doing what we want with the world/map engine. I've already seen some of the work he has done with it and it is going well towards what we want :)
Hopefully I can convince him to post with a bit more info on that.

Finally, I have been working on what battle will be like and am curious to hear any opinions on what battle should be like. Right now it is not going to be arena or turn-based. Simple but a bit different than just going in and slashing.

Do you think there is anything the battles, use of weapons, magic or armor etc., should include?

You are welcome to write me an email about it, email me at hiddenguardian @ ultravioletnet . com (no spaces) and let me know.
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