Cassandra Gunn (ultraviolet) wrote in hiddenguardian,
Cassandra Gunn


So, I've been able to get other projects finished and out of the way. I am now able to start making time for HG again. Starting has been slow but the time out has been worth it so that much more passion and interest can be put into HG's creation.
I've started dipping into doing the character art again and will soon have more character sheets to show off. Things will start to pick up alot faster after much of the concepts have been done by myself (and the other artists that are currently being considered).

For now I have done some refining ond the first character sheet of Nikoli and am currently working on the character sheets for his two other forms.

Lastly, is anyone here a pixel artist, or know of any pixel artists that are also capable of animating pixel art? We are hunting for such a talented individual! :)
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